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Eastland Shoes:
Since 1955, Eastland Shoe Mfg. Corp. has made classic American styled footwear reflecting their Maine heritage and casual style of living. While the seasons may change and shoe styles follow with them, Eastland Shoe remains constant -- committed to creating classic styles, as well as contemporary and durable designs.
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User Comments:
I love the shoes on their displays. I always check to see if they have new stuff in or what not. the vans, chucks, sk8 shoes are what's hot here. what I don't think is hot is how they hawk over you until you buy something like Eastland Shoes ... or glare at you like you're a criminal. (my bf.. ha-ha). I think the vibe is what stops me from going inside, but I still check it out every week/month.

If I were to look for name brand Eastland shoes, I usually come here first since I can always find what I need at a discounted price...they have everything (sneakers, boots, dress shoes, etc.) here...the sales people are annoying though...making it apparent that they work off of commission.

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